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In-App Videos

Note: The app is currently not on the app store, but will be back up soon. Added the videos to show the UI/UX in case the app doesn’t make it onto the app store in time

Login & Registration

After the Dayblizz splash screen the user can login, reset their password or register a new account.

When a user registers a new account, we need the birthdate to verify the age of at least 18 and also require a phone number, to make sure the user is a real person. Of course we also ask the user to set their login email and password.

After verifying the users phone number through a 6 digit code sent to their phone number, the user can select their account type to creator or consumer.

This account type can be changed at any point later on. In order to use Dayblizz to monetize content the user has to create a creator account at some point though.

In our process the user doesn’t have to fill out an entire profile before using the Dayblizz app, instead they’ll be able to use the app right away and can decide to personalize their account at any later point in time.

Content Feed

The Dayblizz feed allows for versatile usage.

The “News” feed itself is a mixed media feed displaying content from friends, people you follow and discovery content. You can filter the feed at any point in time to display exclusively image, video or interactive text content. This enables you to dial Dayblizz down to a user experience targeted at a specific type of content.

You are also able to switch to your “Friends” feed to always stay on track what your friends are doing. A number next to the feed displays how many posts have been shared by your friends since the last time you checked. This feed will only show users, who have accepted the friendship request that you sent them.

To make Dayblizz more interactive, we also enabled “reposts”. Reposts allow for threaded responses and discussions. Users can always go back to the original post and read through any of the previously shared responses by tapping on the “bubbles” to open them.

Connecting on Dayblizz

After you’ve joined Dayblizz and explored the app for a while, we will ask you whether you want to find your contacts and friends on Dayblizz. This is completely optional, but if you agree we will temporarily sync your contacts (and delete them afterwards) to show you who is already using Dayblizz, so you can immediately follow your friends or send them a friendship request.

In order to be more interactive Dayblizz supports shares on other social media apps, as well as sharing content within the app through our messaging system.

Interacting with Content

Any videos that you are watching on Dayblizz can be muted, paused and navigated after tapping on the video and interacting with the interface there. This allows you more control over your video watching experience.

Additionally you can interact with the content to view tags and engage in discussions with other users through comments.

And sharing your own content is only 2 taps away. Just tap on our colourful “+” button, select the content type you’d like to share and get started.

Uploading Content

Once you decide what to share with the community, you can first select the image or video that you’d like to share.

Then you can write a text, add tags, adapt the privacy settings (public/friends) and set a location, so peopple can find your content.

You can also do some quick colour adaptions through our filters and editing options.

Tagging Users

If you choose to tag people precisely in your uploaded content and tap on “tag someone in image”, then you’ll be lead to our tagging options. You can tap anywhere on the image, search a specific user and confirm the tag to show who is who on the image you’ve uploaded.

Then you can write a text, add tags, adapt the privacy settings (public/friends) and set a location, so peopple can find your content.

You can also do some quick colour adaptions through our filters and editing options.

Editing Videos

If you upload a video the editing options will vary greatly from image editing options.

For example, you can choose to upload a new voiceover for you video and even mute the background sound by checking the checkbox if needed. In order to record your voiceover, you simply need to hold the “Press to record” button and speak to create your audio channel.

You can also pick a thumbnail/cover for your video. You can do so by either picking a specific frame of the video, by tapping on the video preview or by uploading a completely new image.

Then you can write a text, add tags, adapt the privacy settings (public/friends) and set a location, so peopple can find your content.

You can also do some quick colour adaptions through our filters and editing options.

Adding Text to Videos

You can also write subtitles to your video or add any other text.

To achieve this you can tap on any part of the video preview, click on add text, add and edit your text and then drag the selection windows red bars to select the specific timeframe in which you’d like your text to be visible.

Content Discovery

In order to discover completely new content you can tap on the search icon in the menu and get to the discovery page, which displays a variety of image, video and interactive text content.

If you are searching for something specific you can tap on the search bar on top to reach the search page.

This page will show you your previous results as well as some recommended pages and hashtags to you. You can simple tap on search and enter your search phrase to find accounts, hashtags or locations that you’d like to find.

Messaging System

By tapping on the grey speech bubble in the lower menu you can get to our notification and messaging system.

The app chat is divided in three inboxes: Friends, general and message requests. If you don’t follow someone and aren’t friends with them, their messages end up in your message requests. As soon as you accept a message request, it will be listed in the general chats together with the messages from people that you follow.

The chat itself allows you for a variety of interactions, besides chatting, you can also send images, videos, emojis, stickers, gifs and of course share the content or profiles of other people. Additionally we allow you to directly quote a message of another user, so you can comfortably interact with them.

In-App Notifications

We made sure to keep your notifications in order. You can either view all your new notifications or tap on one of the items to filter your notifications in likes, comments/replies, follows & friendship requests, tags and shares.

By making your entire history available, we’re certain that you won’t miss out on anything important here.

Edit Profile

Every user can set both a header image and a profile image to create their own unique style. Additionally users can set a display name and publish a short biography to tell other users a little bit about themselves.
To gamificate the in-app experience, users can unlock a variety of different badges and choose to display them on their profile as a batch of honour.

Creator Accounts

Becoming a Premium Creator

Everyone who wants to become an earning creator has to set up their creator account, by tapping on “join premium creators”. They will then first go through a KYC process by Stripe, before being led back to our app.

The “Creator” account consists of different parts. The “Creator” account settings list options to change billing data and edit different shipping tiers in the shipping center.

It also lists the different settings for Premium Subscriptions and allows to turn them on or off with the use of a single button, when creators go on a vacation, they can use this to temporarily (or permanently) halt their subscriptions – any active subscribers will be informed about this and won’t be charged for the time being.

The subscriptions themselves come with a variety of settings. First, the user can set a tagline to describe what exactly they’re going to offer in few words and additionally can add a description to introduce themselves and their work to their fans or potential subscribers.

They can also decide whether they’d like to make their number of supporters and their earned income public or hide it away.

Setting up Subscriptions

Setting up subscriptions is a quick process. First of the user can decide what content of theirs will be available exclusively as their reward content in subscriptions. They can choose between making the same content available to all their subscribers or differentiating between different subscription levels for their posts.

Then individual subscription levels can be set up. When the user adds a new subscription level, they need to at least set an image, title, description and price.

In order to also allow for physical rewards and digital rewards not shared on the Dayblizz platform, we add a checkbox, so the users can indicate that this is their wish. They’ll then be able to add specifications for the delivery of those rewards. For physical goods, the creator will be able to either include the shipping or create individual shipping tiers for different subscription levels to precisely manage international shipping of physical rewards.

Shipping Category

In order to set up shipping categories, the user simply needs to give the shipping category a name, price and add countries.

For example: This shipping category could be “t-shirts”. The user can then add France, Germany and Belgium and add a shipping cost of $8. The user can then add the USA in another pricing segment for $6.

After saving the first category, the user can add additional categories to capture different scenarios. The name of the shipping group will then show up in the shipping list in the subscription settings, where the user only needs to select one option in a dropdown, in order to continue with the setup of their subscription and its shipping needs.

Creator Studio

The creator studio will be available to users once they have successfully setup their creator account.

The creator studio consists of data like total earnings, earnings this month, as well as a payment list and provides quick access to the creator account setup and the order list.

All subscription orders show up in the order area and help the user to identify which orders have been fulfilled and which ones are still to do. The user can check all relevant information in the order details and can also signal to their subscriber that the rewards have been shipped out, are currently being processed or refund the customer in case of any issues with the subscription.

Creator Profiles

Users can easily subscribe to creators by clicking on the “star”-icon in the creators profile to view their creator profile.

The creator profile display the description and tagline created by the creator as well as the individual subscriptions.

All subscriptions are displayed in a row and details will be shown everytime a specific subscription is selected. Every subscription page features the subscription name, feature image, price, active subscriptions and explanations about the contents of it. Anyone who clicks to subscribe to one of the tiers is lead to Stripe to go through their safe checkout process.