Roman Eckschlager known as “Herr Direktoa” is a well-known Austrian entrepreneur, sales professional and speaker. The goal was to design his new branding, graphics and website from scratch and implement the website through DIVI.

We collaborated through workshops to identify different potential designs and color schemes and ultimately decided to go with a sleek dark look with bold colour statements to represent his energetic, charismatic attitude, while still staying down to earth.

I designed the website to be responsive across web, tablet and mobile devices and also provided Roman with new LinkedIN graphics for his new branding.


I kept the header of the website very simple, only featuring Roman’s signature image and quote, as well as the new minimalistic logo and two call to action buttons, in order to not take any attention away from the core purpose of the website – booking an initial call with Roman to book him for consultation, keynotes or workshops.

Besides this it was important to highlight his experiences. I ideated different versions of the referral part of the home page, ultimately picking a very clean slider with various different quotes about collaborations with him, as well as a slim listing of companies he’s previously worked with.


All pages of the direktoa.com page have been designed to be responsive and fit on desktop, tablet and mobile screens. The website was implemented using wordpress, the page builder DIVI and some lines of CSS.

In addition to the home page, and pages mandatory in Austria like imprint and data policy, I also designed a page displaying his different workshops and keynotes.

I kept the design in black tones, featuring gradient buttons as before to keep the design consistent and coloured the headings in pink, just like the slider headings on the front page.

Since this page spans across 4 different types of keynotes and workshops, I decided to break up the background with grey design elements.

Other Graphics

To carry his new branding forward to LinkedIN I also designed a website thumbnail and LinkedIN Banner featuring the new logo and design.